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1:06 p.m. : 2003-08-11 : They're With Arygay Useybay

Here’s a weird thing that my brain has somewhat disturbingly hewn from the bones of driving to Winchester:

Uday and Qusay, the names of the enfants le plus terribles, seem to me to have a much more whimsical etymology than one might think.

There was something about their names that was troubling me in its inconsistency with the boys’ infamous Caligulaean reputations, alleged monkeytorture, and unabashed love for Dashboard Confessional. Something very kibosh of the evil dusk of Carraba. Something about these names was very ixnay on the aryscay.

What, in a name, could possible make light of such unforgivable offences?

Well, I’ll tell you.

Qusay is Pig Latin for Squ, or Scoo.

Uday is Pig Latin for Du, or Doo.

This leads me to believe that Saddam, with his notoriously insatiable appetite for American animation of the 1970’s, has a lesser known son named Ebay, Pig Latin for Be, or By, rounding off the family to form the delightfully rapscallion trio, Scooby Doo.

Now, it is also possible that there is yet another, younger, more annoying, poorly drawn brother of Devitoian proportions, known as Appyscray. And he’s really the one we need to watch out for, plundering perfectly good animated series and leaving turds in his wake.

AND NOW, A Question For The Ages:

Brent asks: How did they just stumble onto oreo cookies and make them so good?

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