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4:02 p.m. : 2005-12-12 : Le Divorce

I found out recently that friends are getting divorced. It will be a terrible, messy mess. He already has a new girlfriend. The situation is not unlike when he met his current wife, while he was still married to the wife before her. He had a baby with that old wife and then basically left. Of course, the old wife sort of purposely botched her birth control in hopes that a baby would bring them closer together.

His current wife had a baby last summer. Now he’s leaving. He and the new girlfriend already have each other’s names tattooed on their arms. They’ve apparently only been sexy with each other for a couple weeks, or so they claim… not that it’s anyone’s business.

Turns out, his current wife hired a hacker to check out his computer. So of course they found all kinds of stuff, including emails back and forth from him and his new girlfriend, who, incidentally, came from myspace.

Apparently the wife also found quite a bit of tranny porn on his computer and has been leaving him messages calling him “faggot.” She was (hopefully still is) an artist when I knew her, went to art school, the whole thing, with all kinds of people. It’s odd to hear that she’s using the word “faggot.” Does a bad marriage really change you like that or does it just bring out latent things or obliterate decorum, tolerance, or what? I’m just surprised to hear she’s using that word. Of course, I didn’t personally hear her say it.

I haven’t spoken to her in so long – we all used to be friends. My best friend and I were the best man and maid-of-honor at their wedding a little over five years ago. I really wasn’t close enough with her to be given that honor but was flattered and fulfilled it to the best of my abilities.

Another close friend of mine photographed the wedding (beautifully) and the main default picture on her photography business website is of this couple. They are a lovely-looking couple and it’s a gorgeous photograph. They look really happy, unsurprisingly.

I’m just sad for them. He’s been saying he hasn’t been himself since he’s been married, but I’m starting to wonder who he is, anyway? Because he’s been living out this pattern for so long and I’ve never known him to be single for five minutes. I guess we all have our patterns.

It’s too bad. His son from his first marriage is living with his current wife and their baby and he gets his son every once in a while.

I’m thirty. Une Femme De Mon Age cannot keep up with the Joneses by simply getting married anymore… il faut qu’elle divorce! But it does make me glad that I haven’t gotten married yet, not that it is something one goes and buys at the store. I know you can’t ever really be sure though. I think that “you just know” line is bullshit. You may have some flavor you can feel in your cheeks but that doesn’t mean it will never change.


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