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3:28 p.m. : 2012-05-27 : I declare this blog �old timey,� ya flibbertigibbet!

Mark Zuckerberg has totally effed my blogging. Yes, I blame it all on him. I like-a this place and I miss posting here. I can�t believe it�s been six years since I last posted. How weird! I can only blame Facebook. Facebook provides instant gratification. I can�t tell how many people �like� my blog posts. And mostly the people who are willing to take the time to comment are ones that hate you or want to put their douche on your face. And now that �signmyguestbook� takes one to a random page that sometimes advertises Hyundai there�s no signing any guest books. I feel like I�m on the radio playing to no one. It�s kind of awesome, actually. For once I am not saying anything that anyone will see or hear, most likely. It feels good.

It makes me think of �The Real World.� Do people really stop being polite and start getting real? Isn�t it more like they stop being real and start being on television? Writing here is actually a more valuable exercise than I expected it to be. I expected it to be the writerly equivalent of what the phrase �yodeling in the canyon� actually sounds like before you bring the sex piece into it.

It�s funny, actually, how blogging, in the age of FB, seems old-timey.

How�s this for new-timey? It�s a pot that stirs itself!

In the spirit of full disclosure, getting published also cut down on my blog time. So the things I would normally post here ended up going in my weekly column. My editor saw my blog, liked it and asked me to write for her for money in a similar tone in a real newspapah! Imagine the old-timeyness of that! Stopped blogging to write in a newpapah! Extry extry! And now, coming back to the blog to escape the Zuckerbergian connected future feels similar.

As an aside, some things I refrain from saying in my column are shit, fuck, asshole, motherfucker and the like. So that just felt really good and freeing, too. Still, I don�t really have much need to write those words so it�s not an itch I regularly care about scratching. I told someone once to �eat a bag of dicks� and it didn�t feel right. Just not my style.

Anyway, this will be our little secret. SECRETS!! (Speaking of old-timey, remember �Secrets!!!!� on Conan O�Brian. Yep. That was years ago now too. Best get out my dungarees and do a jig.

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